The Nissan 370Z – One of the Top Cars that Dominates Both Road and Track According to AutoTrader

The Nissan 370Z  - one of the top cars that dominates both road and track according to AutoTrader


Almost as soon as cars were invented, people were racing them -- the same way they raced horses, and the same way they raced on foot. The Encyclopedia Britannica states that the first organized motor race in the United States was on Thanksgiving Day, 1895, running from Chicago to Evanston, IL, and back. Not only are motorsports a whole lot of fun, they also improve automotive technology and drum up sales. AutoTrader lists the Nissan 370Z  as one of the cars that owes at least part of their fine reputations to the laudable human trait of wanting to do better than the next guy.

“Most drivers try not to move their cars sideways. But in the sport of drifting, sideways is the only way to go. Big, tire-smoking power slides from one end of the course to the other -- it's a fabulous spectacle. Formula Drift is an import from Japan, and perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the participating cars are also Japanese imports. The current 2014 Formula Drift leader is American Chris Forsberg, driving a Nissan 370Z. It's perfect for drifting, because it has a front-engine/rear-drive layout resulting in a fine balance of weight between the front and back. A carbon fiber drive shaft transmits engine power to the rear wheels, meaning it gets lighter weight and quicker responses than it would with a regular metal shaft.”

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The Nissan 370Z - One of the Top Cars that Dominates Both Road and Track According to AutoTrader - Mossy Nissan El Cajon

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