DIY Car Care Kit

Putting together a car care kit is simple and is a great gift idea! Plus, keeping your car clean is good auto maintenance. We compiled a simple guide to put together a complete DIY car care kit.

Wash Mitt
Give your car a really good scrub down. Toss out the shop rags and pick up a car wash mitt. The mitt should hold a lot of soap and be super soft on your car’s exterior.

Toss the dish soap and get car shampoo! Car shampoos are designed to clean, condition and shine up your car’s exteriors.

Give your car a spot-free finish with a chamois. They’re super absorbent and also soft.

All you need is one bucket for your suds. No need to get a fancy bucket, any bucket will do.

Tire Grease
Give your tires a good shine to make your car look brand new again! And it’ll also protect your tires from wear and tear.

Leather Polish
Buy a good leather polish to clean up the interior leather to make it look new again. It will also protect the leather from wear, tear and heat.

Air Freshener
Don’t forget the air freshener! Pick your favorite scent and enjoy!

DIY Car Care Kit - Mossy Nissan El Cajon

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