Summer Car Kit: Get your vehicle ready for summer activities

Everyone is always on the go a lot during the summer months, whether it's a road trip, or just around town. Trips to the beach, parks, BBQ's, or across country with your family and friends are fun, but sometimes items may be forgotten at home. That's why it's always a good idea to keep a car kit stocked in the car just in case you need something.

A summer car kit is easy to put together, and once it's done, store it in your back seat or trunk. Replace items as you use them, and you'll always be prepared. Use a plastic tote to store everything all in one place to make items easier to find in your car.

Below are a few items to include in your car kit to keep you and your family prepared for summer on the go:

· Sunscreen
· Wet wipes
· Hand sanitizer
· Paper towels
· First aid kit
· Bug spray
· Trash bags
· Picnic table cloth

Here's to a happy, prepared, and safe summer!

CREDIT: http://simplykierste.com/2015/05/how-to-put-together-a-summer-car-kit-free-printable.html

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