Nissan GT-R Egoist Unveiled!

Nissan GT-R Egoist Unveiled!


If the Nissan GT-R doesn't boost your vehicular ego enough as it is, the next iteration seems to be designed to do just that. Buzzing the internet for the last few days, real information has come out from Nissan Japan concerning their Spec-M and the Nissan GT-R's future. We've seen the visual touches that are occurring. The new, LED-adorned front fascia is a thing of eye-catching beauty, while the new carbon fiber rear diffuser is a more subtle stylistic touch. The wheels, 20" works of art they are, are being redesigned to eschew themselves from the subtle side of visual flair back to the radical and aggressive. And, above all else, the car which was already a performance power-house is getting a bit of a boost. A very good bit of a boost. The vehicle will definitely cross the 500HP thresh hold, but by how much is a question. Some people with "source information" are claiming as much as 545, although 530 seems to be the safest bet at this point. That's right: 530 HP is a safe bet. So, you take the most impressive automotive machine in production right now (at least, the most impressive with a price tag under a quarter million), give it some more get-up-n-go, and adorn it with lighter weight, truly beautiful, exterior modifications and what do you have? You have the Egoist.
Yeah, you read that right: the Egoist. This car is meant to not only strike fear in the hearts of others but to also make you puff out your chest with pride and add a little more swagger to your step. Of course, the GT-R already does that, but with 530HP now, it will undoubtedly do so even more. Especially considering that the current GT-R boasts 485 power, so this is no small jump. 485 to 530 is a big difference, and will definitely shave large chunks of time off of the GT-Rs already unbelievably impressive performance numbers. Wow. This is exciting, and I can't wait for the official announcements and numbers.
CREDIT: http://www.gtrinformation.com/tag/nissan-news/

Nissan GT-R Egoist Unveiled! - Mossy Nissan El Cajon

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