Nissan NV the Envy of the News World!

Cary Clark, a 33-year veteran broadcast technician for WTVF-TV in Nashville, begins his workday by arriving at the ABC-affiliate station at 3 a.m. where he meets up with his partner: a Nissan NV3500 broadcast truck.

"There was only one truck in the industry that the TV stations dealt with, but now Nissan has come up with this NV3500 and it's an awesome truck," said Clark.

The up-fitting of the Nissan NV, which offers a large workspace for editing and story composition, satellite and microwave signal-sending delivery, begins in Clearwater, Florida. Frontline Broadcast Communications has become the largest supplier of TV news trucks in the industry.

"In 2012, we re-evaluated all available vehicles on the market," said Steve Williamson, director of sales for Frontline. "Our engineering staff did a six-month evaluation and determined that the Nissan NV was the strongest, safest van on the market."

Clearly, the use of the NV3500 as a broadcast truck has had an impact on Clark. "It drives like a cloud down the Interstate. I'm very impressed with it."


Nissan NV the Envy of the News World! - Mossy Nissan El Cajon

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