Consumers review the Nissan Sentra, now with huge savings at Mossy Nissan!

Consumers review the Nissan Sentra, now with huge savings at Mossy Nissan!


Loving my new baby girl....
by GrnEyedAngel from Fredericksburg, VA
Let me preface by stating that I don't purchase for the short-term...my last vehicle was a 97 Nissan 200SX SE who made 637,000+ (and still getting 40mpg highway) before someone decided to run a stop sign and total. I purchased my 2013 Sentra SR in May - admit that I treated myself with all packages and ever so happy with her. Likes (in no particular order): 1. Legroom and height space even w/factory moonroof - my man is 6'4"+ and perfectly comfortable. 2. Great rearseat room. 3. Sporty look. 4. Mileage - not many of the other gas sedans provide this fuel mileage - in mixed driving, getting averages of 37-38. 5. Trunk space is incredible for a small sedan with such a roomy interior. 6. Fit & Finish is excellent... 7. Controls not on the steering wheel are easily reached and not distracting. 8. Views from all windows are good - only a couple of blind spots and rear-view camera when backing is a blessing. 9. Having 8 BOSE speakers is amazing...clarity is wonderful Dislikes: 1. Miss the lumbar adjustments on the older Nissans. 2. CVT can sometimes be sluggish off of stops - seems to needs to be forced when serious acceleration is necessary. 3. Some of the bells/whistles w/the high-end packages require subscriptions after intro period - not clearly outlined (although great after purchase). 4. Hood latch and pole to keep hood open seem counter-intuitive. Overall, been a great car so far - finish is great and look in Black is classy while sporty.
Good highway commuter
by Kendra from Illinois-stateline Indiana 
I love the new ride of this car it's a great little commuter vehicle. Gets improved fuel economy and as with 30 city/40 miles per highway the Sentra has best gas mileage than ever. This car is just a beautiful automobile from more nice equipped features and the new styling looks like Nissan's flagship sedan Maxima with the LED taillights and has the Quest front end styled grill. It's a quiet car with a new CVT transmission makes a joyable to drive on the wide opened highways as using this car for a family hauler everybody fits and feels comfortable on their riding destination as the same with me. I looked at several compact cars as Civic, Dart, Corolla, 3, Elantra, Forte, Focus, Cruze, Verano and Sentra was my last pick. The Sentra is a great car with upgraded features and i love the NAV & bluetooth on it as both are easy to use no need of a sports car as bought with the SL pkg for more what i paid for on it.
Good little car
by Les from Lake Bridge LA 
Wanted this car before came out I love everything about my Sentra after the experience had at Oasis South Nissan saw a car with best interior styling and exterior looks like the big Altima. I like how the new displays are set up and climate control system is best. Bluetooth, push button start, leather with available heated seats, sunroof and heated mirrors were all great at the perfect price on the Sentra. Fuel economy is amazing i'm get over 39 mpg finished taking a trip up to Arkansas and Kansas just filled up the tank after coming back to Louisiana it took only $30 just put gas inside the car this is actually what i love about this car is mpg and it's comfortable with a upgraded interior and lots of room. A GOOD CAR WITH BEST FEATURES AND FUEL ECONOMY GLAD I LOOKED AT THIS SMALL CAR BEFORE FINDING OTHER MODELS.
Elegant looking and practical
by Wallywitness from Los Angeles 
I am so used the inexpensive line of cars as being aimed at the youth. They look like sporty, fun cars. I was looking for an inexpensive car that looked more grown-up and mature. These are my thoughts: 1. Elegant looking exterior and interior. 2. Extremely spacious interior. 3. Extremely fuel efficient. I am getting 33.2 mpg in the city.(I only use the car to take my kids to school and Golf). I am getting 43 mpg on the freeway. I drive on ECO mode only. It is as efficient as my Toyota Camry Hybrid. 4. Grown up looks. It does not look like I am borrowing my son's car.(Corolla and Civic in particular) 5. Very comfortable ride. 6. I love the AC control has more settings than the Camry. 7. Extremely large Trunk space. I can fit 3 golf bags and carts and have room to spare. 
To sum up my 2013 Nissan Sentra SV, it is more grown-up than the other cars in the category that are more into the sporty. They had me in mind when they built this car. I want elegance, interior room, storage capacity, extreme fuel efficiency and comfortable ride and drive. Perfect car for the family man or woman. I love my Sentra.
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Consumers review the Nissan Sentra, now with huge savings at Mossy Nissan! - Mossy Nissan El Cajon

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