Nissan GT-R vs Jaguar F-Type

Nissan GT-R vs Jaguar F-Type

It would seem that the Jaguar F-Type Coupe R is the performance king of the jungle. First, Motor Trend challenged it against a Porsche 911 on video to see how it fared. Now, Autocar in the UK is pitting the Jag against the latest iteration of the Nissan GT-R around a small course in a time trial battle. Who do you think will come out on top?
On paper, the F-Type Coupe is the clear winner. however, they both share the same 542 horsepower. But the Jaguar has more torque, less weight and an eight-speed gearbox, compared to the six-speed in the GT-R. That seems like an automatic recipe for victory. However, the Nissan claims a faster sprint to 62 miles per hour and all-wheel drive. 
So which would you rather drive? The Nissan GT-R is only a fraction of the price as a Jag and just as impressive on the track!

Nissan GT-R vs Jaguar F-Type - Mossy Nissan El Cajon

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